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Remembering Pets with Pet Memorials

Artwork with photos of pets and their likeness in a pet memorial.

Pets fill our lives with love and laughter. When they pass, it often feels like losing a human friend or member of the family. Many people want to memorialize their pets when they pass. A very common way of memorializing a pet is with a memorial stone. Memorial Stones for Pets Just as with a

The Meaning of Memorial Day

American flag placed at a burial site in a cemetery.

Why are picnics and cookouts such a large part of celebrating Memorial Day? The reason is deeper than Memorial Day being the official start of summer. How Memorial Day Came Into Being Honoring the fallen is an ancient tradition worldwide. When America was young, this ritual was observed in late summer. Known as Decoration Day,

Creating and Installing a Monument: How It’s Done [Video]

work crew member installing a bench monument

Creating and installing a monument is a rather complex process. Having someone walking with you through the process is incredibly helpful and can help you avoid costly mistakes. That’s why it’s important to purchase your monument from a reputable storefront retailer rather than online. Here are a couple of helpful videos showing you the process